Teaching Philosophy

  1. Doing philosophy and teaching philosophy are the same. The primary aim of philosophy is not the invention or discovery of something new (though this is always appreciated), but the formation of an intellectual character.
  2. If my students are not learning, I am not teaching them. My own success as a philosopher depends on the success of my students.
  3. Philosophers do not answer questions, they question answers. This is, accordingly, what students need to learn in a philosophy class.
  4. Learning philosophy must be an activity, not the passive receiving of information. Ideally, the students should have the first word, and the teacher should only structure and repeat what they say.

Courses Taught

2020, Bonn: Denken als Probehandeln description

2020, Bonn: Nuel Belnap et al., Facing the Future description

2019, Bonn: Avicenna, Ausgewählte Texte description pdf

2019, Bonn: Marx, Ökonomisch-Philosophische Manuskripte description pdf

2019, Ryerson: PHL 511 - Kant: Prolegomena description

2019, Ryerson: PHL 639 - Medieval Philosophy: Universals description

2018, Ryerson: PHL 502 - Aristotle: Metaphysics description

2018, Ryerson: ACS 220 - Medieval World description

2018, Ryerson: PH 8115 - Plato: Theaetetus - Sophist - Statesman description

2018, Ryerson: PHL 639 - Medieval Philosophy: Self-Knowledge description

2017, Ryerson: ACS 220 - Medieval World description

2017, Ryerson: PHL 187 - Ancient Greek Philosophy: Plato's Theaetetus description

2017, Ryerson: PHL 514 - Mind and Agency description

2017, Ryerson: PHL 505 - Hegel and Marx description

2017, Ryerson: PHL 201 - Problems in Philosophy: Self-Knoweldge description pdf

2016, Ryerson: PHL 187 - Ancient Greek Philosophy: Self-Knowledge description pdf

2016, Ryerson: PHL 505 - Hegel and Marx description pdf

2016, Ryerson: Ph 8115 - Ancient Philosophy: Alcibiades, Phaedrus, Foucault, & Derrida description pdf

2016, Ryerson: ACS 200 - Ideas that Shaped the World II (Homer - Renaissance) description pdf

2015, Ryerson: PHL 187 - Ancient Greek Philosophy: Plato, Sophist description pdf

2015, Ryerson: PHL 502 - Aristotle: Politics description pdf

2015, Ryerson: PHL 201 - Problems in Philosophy description pdf

2015, Ryerson: ACS 200 - Ideas that Shaped the World II (Homer - Renaissance) description pdf

2014, Ryerson: PHL 187 - Ancient Greek Philosophy: Plato, Gorgias description pdf

2014, Ryerson: PH 8115 - Ancient Philosophy: Plato, Phaedo and Parmenides description pdf

2014, Ryerson: ACS 200 - Ideas that Shaped the World II (Homer - Renaissance) description pdf

2013, Hannover: Vorlesung: Geschichte der Philosophie II (Kant - 20th c.) description

2013, Hannover: Platon, Parmenides

2013, Hannover: Anscombe, Intention description

2013, Hannover: Heidegger, Sein und Zeit description

2012/13, Tübingen: Platon, Philebos description

2012, HU Berlin: Platon, Parmenides description

2011/12, HU Berlin: Plato, Phaidon description pdf

2011, Leipzig: Plato, Theaitetos description pdf

2010/11, HU Berlin: Vorlesung: Kausalität und Teleologie description pdf

2010/11, HU Berlin: Abelard: Ausgewählte Texte description pdf

2010/11, HU Berlin: Analytische Handlungstheorie description pdf

2010, Leipzig: Aristoteles, Kategorien description pdf

2009, Leipzig: Aristoteles, Physik description pdf

2008, Hamburg: Thomas von Aquin, Traktat über die Tugenden description pdf

2008, HU Berlin: Zur Geschichte des Begriffs der Ursache description pdf

2006/07, HU Berlin: Erkennen und Handeln (zur "direction of fit") description pdf

2006/07, Hamburg: Anscombe über Absichten und Tugenden description pdf

2006, Pittsburgh: History of modern philosophy: Descartes-Kant pdf

2006, Pittsburgh: Rationalism: Descartes & Spinoza pdf

2006, Pittsburgh: Topics in 20th c. Contintental Philosophy: Heidegger pdf

2005/06, Hamburg: Ps-Dionysius: Die Namen Gottes description pdf

2005, SUNY Buffalo: Types and tokens (with F. Neuhaus) description pdf

2005, HU Berlin: Locke, Essay II,xxvii description pdf

2005, HU Berlin: Types and tokens description pdf

2004/05, Hamburg: Thomas von Aquin, S. Th. IaIIae q. 1-21 pdf

2004, Leipzig: Kant, Prolegomena pdf

2003/04, Chemnitz: Descartes, Meditationes pdf

2003/04, Leipzig: Augustinus, Confessions pdf

2003/04, Leipzig: Bewusstsein und Gewissen pdf

2003, Leipzig: Augustinus über die Seele pdf

2003, Dresden: Descartes, Morale provisoire pdf

2002/03, Dresden: Geschichte des Bewusstseinsbegriffes pdf

2002, Leipzig: Verantwortungsethik pdf

2001/02, Leipzig: Philosophie des Geldes (mit N. Psarros) pdf

2001, Leipzig: Person und Selbst (mit S. Rödl)


==> On writing philosophical papers (pdf).



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